Electrical Safety Training: Becoming OSHA Compliant and Saving Lives

Every electrician and electrical contractor understands the obvious dangers of electricity. A major focus for training for anyone in these fields is how to keep themselves safe and make certain the work they do will also not cause any harm to anyone else. One major areas where the instruction has been placed, particularly by OSHA, is on the understanding and prevention of arc flash risk and shock hazards.

For arc flash training Florida electrical workers need to understand the common causes of this type of danger and what the result could be. Since arc flash is not always the result of careless or unprofessional behavior, but can be caused by environmental issues like dust or moisture, it is important for workers to always be aware of what situations can make the damage more severe. This way, even when they are unable to fully eliminate all of the threat, they can at least do everything possible to minimize the potential for injury.


Basically, this Shock Hazard Analysis Florida electricians will undergo will help to create an understanding of safety boundaries on work sites. This will make it possible for everyone to determine how large of an area around the work site should be considered a risk zone. It will help everyone who is responsible for safety to be aware of how far away non-essential staff must remain in order to reduce the amount of people who could be harmed if an accident does occur.

OSHA requires someone be trained in this type of safety hazard on every work site and that only workers who are trained be allowed into what are considered “qualified worker zones”. In order to be OSHA compliant, every company needs to have their employees properly trained to prevent this type of incident.

While it is a requirement to receive this training, it is important to realize that it is a serious concern because this type of accident will almost always lead to injury and many actually result in death. An estimated 80 percent of work site accidents are believed to be caused by arc flash. Increasing education on the subject reduces the risk and therefore saves money and, most importantly, lives.

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